Rowan Legal

Banking and finance are highly dynamic and sensitive fields, influenced to a large degree by international factors. Due to their foreign parent companies, national banking and finance institutions not only have to deal with Czech legislation but their foreign counterparts too. With its highly extensive as well as varying legislation, European law undoubtedly plays a large role. As a result financial institutions have to contend with increasingly strict regulations which frequently impact on their actual existence.

First and foremost, we are committed to delivering our clients a first-rate service. In order to be able to perform this to our clients’ utmost satisfaction, we draw on essential and professional experience garnered over years of successful work in the field and comprehensive knowledge of the relevant legal regulations.

We offer quality and business focused advisory services to banks, insurance companies, credit unions, securities dealers as well as other entities working in the financial services market in all areas of banking and finance law.

Our experienced lawyers help financial institutions not only in the field of financial law but also IT law in matters concerning personal data protection and cross-border transactions.

Our clients include banks, insurance and investment companies. We provide them all with legal consultancy in all areas of their work. Our lawyers have extensive experience with a whole range of aspects of the work of finance institutions at the national and multinational level.

The specific requirements of companies dedicated to finance services not only require a deep understanding of a whole range of legal fields, but also finance and insurance. Experts from the ROWAN LEGAL office manage this and thus are able to offer clients legal consultancy customised to their needs and work.

Based on professional solutions provided by us in the past, we have featured in leading Czech and foreign league tables in the legal sphere.

Some of our major clients in this sector include the Czech branch of The Royal Bank of Scotland, Česká spořitelna, Československá obchodní banka (CSOB) and Exportní garanční a pojišťovací společnost (EGAP).

How we can help:

  • Setting up a new finance business or bank including representation in licencing procedures
  • Comprehensive advice in matters of regulation in the banking and finance sector
  • Preparing model contract documentation
  • Preparing contract documentation in specific business cases
  • Representation in litigation or arbitration proceedings
  • Representation in administration proceedings before a regulator